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About Me


I’m an artist, beekeeper and gardener living in Minneapolis, MN.

Through my art I explore the beauty I see in the small details, usually of the natural world. Drawn to the rough edges of things and what are conventionally perceived as imperfections, I’m deeply inspired by art forms that show the hand that made them — Japanese Boro cloth, hand thrown pottery and hand built ceramics, wabi-sabi visible mending.

In my beekeeping I strive to “do right by the bees”, learning with each passing season what they need to survive and hopefully, thrive. I’m deeply enamored with these radiant, complex and hardworking insects and they continue to inspire my artwork.

This site contains original photographs and stories by Merry Reimler.  All contents are copyright Merry Reimler, and may not be reproduced, distributed or downloaded without the express written consent of this artist.


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